Don’t Give Up: A Guide to Getting Away From the Dreaded Weight Loss Plateau

“Losing that last pound can be frustrating”

Losing weight can, at times, be frustrating, particularly in today’s world of contradictive dietary advice. Finding out what works well for your body type and lifestyle is often a hard and winding road, and even after you do, it isn’t unusual to eventually find yourself at a standstill in spite of doing everything right. No matter what you do, you can’t seem to lose any more weight. This is the point where many women and men give up, deciding to settle for feeling not quite as attractive, leaving them not as comfortable in their own bodies as they might like. It is understandable, but, fortunately, entirely unnecessary. You should learn how to lose that last pound. Visit to know more about safe fat burners.

A Common Problem

The first thing you need to realize is that there is nothing wrong with you and that you are not alone. In our work as nutritionists we encounter daily issues with women who experience difficulties losing those last few pounds after an initially steady weight loss. They often express a sense of defeat and question their ability to ever reach their goal, whether that goal is something specific like fitting into a wedding dress or something more general like feeling healthier and more energetic. Our job is then to explain the root of the problem, because once you understand that, you will also realize that there are actually a few very easy ways to deal with it.

As anyone who has seriously attempted to get slimmer can tell you, when you first set out to lose weight, the results usually come fairly quickly, particularly if you are very overweight. This is perfectly natural and partly due to the body ridding itself of excess water in the first week. Mostly, however, it is down to simple biochemistry and mathematics: if you need to eat 3200 calories a day to maintain your 230 lb. weight and then start consuming only 2000 calories, that’s a 1200 calories’ worth of body fat you’re burning every day. But when you’re down to 180 lb. and need 2200 calories a day to maintain that, you’re suddenly burning only 200 calories of excess fat. There is no mystery to it; your weight loss will slow down as you get closer to reaching your goal. The good news is that there are ways around this.

Boost Your Weight Loss

“Give your weight loss plan a boost by maintaining a strict diet and workout routine”

You do, of course, have the options of either eating even less or diligently plod on as you slowly, slowly lose those last pounds, but we recommend neither approach. Eating less can have a negative impact on your health and may lead to eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia. To ‘plod on’ may seem like a commendable proof of tenacity, but in reality few of us have the time and patience for that. Instead, the trick is to find ways to burn more fat even after you have already lost a significant amount of weight. Extra exercise may be the answer for some, but it is not actually a very ‘cost-effective’ strategy. To burn 1000 calories you need to walk at a consistent pace for about three and a half hours. A quicker, easier, and overall more effective way to boost your weight loss can be found in supplements such as fat burners, usually designed to increase your metabolism while suppressing hunger pangs.

What is a Fat Burner?When to use Them?

“Fat burning pills should be taken only after thorough research”

Simply put, a fat burner is a weight loss supplement containing one or more active substances that cause your body to burn more fat by increasing your metabolism. Many also contain appetite suppressants to help you stave off the hunger that would otherwise push you to overeat. As such, they are ideal when you want to lose more weight without eating less or exercising extensively. Fat burners usually come in the form of soft capsules or pills, and are to be ingested once or twice daily for the duration of your weight loss period.

Just like with diets, however, there is a plethora of tips on fat burners for women to be found both in magazines and on the web, and it can be very hard to know which products work and which products are safe. With that in mind, we allowed groups of 10 women to try different fat burners for a period of 90 days to determine which supplements produced the quickest, safest, and most long-lasting effects. Below you will find our list of tips on fat burners. Bear in mind that while these supplements can help reduce your weight when used on their own, particularly if you only want to lose a few pounds, they are most effective when combined with a nutritious and balanced diet and moderate exercise – but those are things you need to stay healthy anyway.

Tips on Fat Burners for Women

“Take the right fat burner or it can cause adverse effects”

One thing that became apparent in our tests was that the most effective supplements were those that not only resulted in a highly increased burning of fat, but that also addressed other issues associated with losing weight as well, namely hunger and feelings of fatigue. These are common problems for many women, and are often the ultimate reason why a weight loss scheme is abandoned.

As mentioned above, several fat burners are designed not only to increase your metabolism, but to suppress your appetite as well, thus making it easier to resist the temptation of eating more than you know you should. If fighting hunger pangs is a problem you’ve been dealing with while losing weight, both GarciniaCambogia and 5-HTP Max are good alternatives. GarciniaCambogiacontains an extract made from the rind of tamarind and has the dual benefits of suppressing appetite and preventing fat from being made in the first place. Without additives, it’s an effective and natural way to keep your appetite at a tolerable level. 5-HTP Max approaches the task a little differently, but no less effectively; by boosting your natural levels of serotonin, the neurotransmitter primarily linked to appetite control and feelings of well-being; low levels of serotonin is one of the most common causes of depression. Both have proved to result in significantly reduced appetite, as well as increased weight loss.

While losing excess weight will eventually result in you feeling happier and more energetic, suddenly eating less than you’re used to may initially leave you tired and irritable (Not to mention how cranky one can get when abstaining from that extra slice of cake). Some fat burners address this issue by introducing additional active substances that serve to increase your energy such as Hydroxycut and Green Coffee Bean Max, which both utilize natural caffeine to make you feel more alert. You Be Slim is a great product because it introduces a US patented extract of CarallumaFimbriata to provide you with extra energy. Not only have they proved to increase fat burning in clinical tests, the women who tested the products also reported on feeling considerably more energetic while using the supplements.

Don’t Give Up

Don’t despair when you find yourself caught on that dreaded weight loss plateau. Remember that you’re far from the first person to hit it, and that there are easy, effective, and cost effective ways of escape it.Don’t make it harder than it has to be, just try your best.

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Deciding Whether Your Information Product Journey Needs Optimize Press

“It’s time to take the decision”

A number of information marketing businesses and information product services rely on WordPress for their Internet needs. If you’ve been on WordPress for a while now, you’ve probably heard about the product Optimize Press. The reviews for Optimize Press are largely favorable. But just because a product receives numerous favorable reviews and delivers what it promises does not mean that it’s something that a business needs. As an information product developer, you know well the number of programs and software packages other producers will try to sell you. It’s important to analyze each of these programs before you hand over the money so that you only purchase the ones that actually benefit your business.

What Optimize Press Offers Businesses

“Use different tools to take the full advantage”

As you can see from the Optimize Press reviews, Optimize Press brings a full set of information product tools. Its primary purpose as well as its most popular function is to create squeeze pages and other marketing goodies. It’s one of the most popular WordPress programs for handling marketing tasks like this.
The initial Optimize Press 1.0 performed most of these features, but it proved to be significantly more difficult to use. According to Blog Marketing Academy, most of the elements and page details consisted of short codes that required a basic understanding of programming language to achieve the best results. But Optimize Press 2.0 revised most of these issues, according to numerous reviews of Optimize Press; the primary improvement involves a simplification of the design process.

Creating the Effect on Your Own

“Make your own effects”

Everything that Optimize Press offers can be completed on your own. According to “Optimize Press Review 2.0,” a non-affiliate based review, Optimize Press provides everything that an information marketer needs in a single purchase for your WordPress site. While it’s possible to create all of these things on your own, you will need to have a significant knowledge of WordPress as well as page formatting, image development, and psychological placement. The placement of content as well as images is just as important as the value of that content.
For individuals who already have established experience and successful campaigns using their own squeeze pages and sales letters, the available information in Optimize Press may be redundant. In some cases though, even business owners who already have this information may find that the Optimize Press program still provide valuable assistance because it can review and streamline the framework for the content. So, we can conclude that it is a good product, you can check the optimize press product review for yourself and find out if the optimize press review is any good for you.

Getting the Most Out of Optimize Press

To get the most out of Optimize Press, you already have to have knowledge of your market. While Optimize Press comes with a number of preset templates and readymade squeeze pages, all of those forms must be tweaked to turn them into the high converting pages your business needs. As compared to other general squeeze page services, Optimize Press beats out most of its competition. According to Smart Life Hacks, Optimize Press leaves its competition behind because even the most basic pages can be customized.
The customization in fact allows you to develop precisely what you need. But that ability means that you must understand what your business requires. No software or plug-in can automatically determine what real customers will want all the time. If you think that Optimize Press will do all the hard work for you, you’re wrong. To get the most out of it, you must plan on writing most of your content. The base sample pages and recommendations can provide a starting point, but it’s up to you to add that unique flavor that defines you and your brand.

Plan on Further Development

“Always stay ahead one step with good planning”

Customization is an essential element to using Optimize Press. Using the basic templates and models provided can create a site with a sales marketing page that resembles that of most other Click Bank and other affiliate marketing products. While affiliate marketing products are often legitimate invaluable, the general perception of them tends to be somewhat negative. According to The Dark Side of Affiliate Marketing, many people have been burned through dishonest affiliate marketing scams where an information marketer or producer has offered a solution to a problem that he never solves or a poorly developed product that under-deliver. While it isn’t fair to judge all affiliate products based on bad experiences with a few merchants, most people do make that judgment. As such, it’s best to avoid giving your product and appearance similar to an affiliate marketing product.

Don’t Forget SEO

One of the things that Optimize Press does not assist with is general search engine optimization. Optimize Press can assist you with the creation of high converting sales pages and squeeze pages, but it’s up to you to get the keyword optimization in place. Often times, people sign up for a product like this, assuming that within minutes they can start making thousands of dollars. Optimize Press never make such claims. It promises to help provide the tools the business needs to increase its profits as well as its rate of return on advertising. Getting the word out and drawing the visitors and is still up to you.
Because Google and other search engine algorithms keep changing, keeping up with the most current search engine optimization techniques can be challenging. Currently, all of the search engines are trending toward what organic keywords and key phrases. What this means for your information products and squeeze pages is that you should not focus on high keyword density. Instead, let the keywords form naturally around the niche of your choice. Make sure to avoid linking to low-quality sites, and never engage in black hat search engine optimization techniques. With each new update, the search engine algorithms become stricter. They don’t always become smarter. Avoid getting penalized or de-indexed by following the rules and preparing high quality content on all of your pages. The squeeze pages as well as the sales letters and everything else need to reflect that high standard.

Avoid Obvious Stock Photos

“Stop using stock photos”

Optimize Press comes with a number of different tools, including photos that you can use in your sales pages. While most other aspects of this particular program serve business owners well, it may be best to avoid those obvious stock photos. Most businesses and information marketers simply use the stock photos already provided or the free photos from other copyright and royalty-free sites like Free Digital The photos themselves may seem appropriate, and they are generally of a decent high quality. The problem comes when you’re using the same pictures but every other information marketer is using.
Take the time to get actual photographs of happy customers or to take your own photographs with actors. The fresh new content will take more time, but it will also set your site apart. Additionally, too much stock photography could hurt your search engine ranking. According to Web Pro News, Google may be considering penalizing sites that rely heavily on stock photography. Currently, it doesn’t have an impact on Google search engine page rankings, but according to Google, such a plan might soon come into place because so many poorly developed sites rely on the same stock photos over and over again rather than offering high quality images to supplement the written content.

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Kinks You Shouldn’t Talk About On Your First Hookup

“Never talk about your fetishes on first date”
“Never talk about your fetishes on first date”

There are some things best left for the second or third or even the fifteenth hookup to really discuss. If you’ve got some wild and crazy kinks, that’s one thing; in other cases, unless you’re in this hookup for a specific thing, there are kinks that should be tread upon carefully, and better left to the experts. Unless you are 5000% sure that your current hookup will not run screaming from your hotel room when you bring up your certain turn-on, then you need to leave these kinks for another time, once you are sure that your new lady is really into the same things that you are, or at least comfortable in trying them out.

I’m A Furry

“Some girls really like furry men”
“Some girls really like furry men”

Firstly, we must advice you to stay clear of a scam website. You shouldn’t be dating using xxxdating scam website. Secondly, a lot of casual sex hookup scams will make fun of this kind of thing, but it’s not a joke. If you’re a furry–or someone that believes themselves to be an animal, or an anthropomorphic animal – then it isn’t exactly a first date or hookup kind of conversation, unless you specifically got with this girl for the sole reason that she’s a furry too.

The thing about the furry community is that a lot of people really think it’s a perverted thing, and that’s why your newest hookup might run screaming if you mention you’re a furry. There’s a lot of different ways to be a furry, and most of them aren’t very perverted at all. Sometimes, just like anthropomorphic animals. It is about believing that you were meant to be an animal and not a human. Whatever the case, you should probably save this kind of conversation for a later time, and not when you’re trying to convince your date that it’s fun to have sex with you and not just kind of weird.

Rape Fantasies

“Don’t talk about your rape fantasy at the start”
“Don’t talk about your rape fantasy at the start”

There’s no doubt that there are a lot of women and men out there that seriously enjoy this kind of thing. And that’s perfectly fine! So long as it stays a fantasy and it is with two consensual parties, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a rape fantasy, no matter what a bunch of scam websites for hookups will tell you.

That being said–unless you are with this one girl with a planned out scenario for her rape fantasy, don’t bring it up. It doesn’t matter if you have had the biggest fantasy regarding this in the entire world; it’s not first hookup material. The only time that it is first hookup material is if she brings it up first, and honestly, that goes for any kink or fetish or sex act overall. Just play it safe, and only do what she says is okay. Let her call the shots, and if she’s into any sort of kinky play, then knock it out of the park and have a blast! Otherwise, just shut your mouth and don’t do it.

Threesomes, Foursomes, Moresomes

“Never try a threesome on your first hook-up”
“Never try a threesome on your first hook-up”

If it is your first time hooking up with a new woman, then don’t suddenly drag along someone else into the mix unless that’s already been negotiated. Chances are that you’re going to have your new lady stalking out of the room, pissed off and unhappy. There aren’t a lot of women out there that are going to appreciate their new partner bringing someone along unannounced for sex, and honestly, wouldn’t you feel the same way if she brought a man along without telling you and expected a threesome? It’s just weird.

Along those same lines: don’t get involved in a gangbang or mob situation with your new hookup unless it’s something the two of you negotiated beforehand and had it all planned out. It’s just not a safe way to start out the evening, and you’re all about having fun, so don’t be an idiot about what you’re doing with your newest hookup.


“Don’t frighten her”
“Don’t frighten her”

Don’t walk up to your newest hookup and suggest that you want to shove your whole hand into her vagina the first night. It’s not going to happen unless she’s really into that kind of thing, and seriously, wouldn’t you have talked about that first before you met up? If she’s into that, great; otherwise, leave that idea outside and on the doorstep.

A lot of gross, casual sex hookup scams are going to really push the fact that she loves having a huge dildo around, too. That’s really not the case. A lot of ladies love average sized men, because it isn’t the size that counts at all! Don’t drag out an enormous dildo for her out of the blue and expect her to jump right on it for your entertainment. It doesn’t work like that, and she’s not going to be thrilled with the idea of you pushing it, either. Keep that kind of stuff at home, and you’ll both be a lot happier.

Anything…Toilet Related

If you like water sports then keep it to you. Practice those kinks in a safe, fun environment with some fully consenting parties. If you know what’s good for you, though, do not bring it up on your first hookup with that gorgeous lady you finally managed to bring home. Unless the two of you have really talked about it beforehand (are we sounding like a broken record here yet?), just don’t do it.

Worse still–don’t do it out of the blue. No woman is going to appreciate you suddenly peeing on her thigh. It’s not sexy, it’s not hot, and it’s really not classy at all. Keep that sort of thing on the down-low unless you know for a fact that she’s into it, and then the two of you can both really enjoy yourselves the way you want.

Animals(Animals In General!)

“Talking about animal fantasies will make her run away”
“Talking about animal fantasies will make her run away”

Furry is one thing. Beastiality is something else, and for the most part, illegal! It doesn’t matter if you’re pretty sure she’s into that, don’t bring it up. It’s really not something that anyone wants to hear from their first hookup. Doing it with dogs isn’t sexy; it’s going to bring down PETA on you, and you won’t have as much fun with them as you would with that hot chick. If this is your thing, then find a woman that looks like a dog, and get down with her that way. It’s a lot better, and then you’re not going to have a dozen and a half consent issues, plus an arrest and a really weird story to tell at Thanksgiving.

There are a lot of other kinks out there that can make your new hookup shy away and run screaming from the hotel, but these are just some highlights to give you a hint of what may or may not be appropriate. Obviously, all of this is negotiable; maybe you hooked up with this girl specifically to act out on your deepest, darkest fantasies that are really not appropriate for your regular girlfriend. That being said, still–don’t be stupid about them. Make sure your woman is entirely comfortable before you both delve into your dark sides, and then really celebrate them in a fully consensual environment. You’ll both appreciate it a heck of a lot more that way, and have a lot more fun!

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Pros & Cons Of Becoming A Live Cam Industry Worker


“Become a live cam worker and earn big bucks”
“Become a live cam worker and earn big bucks”

A woman could easily become a live cam worker who could show up on one of many different adult cam sites. This is a kind of woman who will certainly want to perform for people who want to see her body and check her out for the many things that she can physically do. The benefits of getting onto such a site are prevalent in that people can perform in all sorts of forms.

<center><iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe></center>

However, there are also a few problems that can come out of working on adult cam sites. These problems tend to be a real hassle but they must be explored just as well. These are all points that should be seen with regards to what can happen when entertaining people online for any kind of purpose.

<h2>The Potential for Profit is Huge</h2>

One of the biggest reasons why so many people are interested in showing up on different adult cam sites is because it’s easy for someone to <a href=”″ title=”How to make a lot of money”>earn good money</a>. This money can come from the many tips that people leave women who perform for them. Sometimes the revenue that a site gets can add to the total amount of money that a woman could get.

The total money that comes out of one’s work could prove to be amazing when compared to other online professions. In fact, a typical woman who performs online might be likely to earn close to a thousand dollars in a single week if she works on a full-time basis to entertain men and women alike. The money could be even higher if a woman is able to get lots of private performance sessions up and running. That’s because she’ll have gotten certain people to perform on their own without any audience popping up.

<h2>There’s No Need to Go to Clubs</h2>

“Your private strip girl is just a mouse click away”
“Your private strip girl is just a mouse click away”

The problem with clubs is that they are smelly, loud and filled with loads of people who might be overly perverted. That’s why it is often better to perform in the live cam industry instead of at a strip club. Besides, it is probably cleaner in a performer’s house than it is in some club where that person has never even ventured into before. This only makes it easier for the performer to work out because it makes for an environment that is relatively nice without being all that annoying or difficult to get into while <a href=”” title=”Stop being a people pleaser”>trying to please people</a>.

<h2>It Can Be Plenty of Fun</h2>

“You can have a lot of fun when guys are ready to give anything to watch you”
“You can have a lot of fun when guys are ready to give anything to watch you”

The fun part of working as a live cam industry worker is a huge part of what makes this position so popular. Anyone who works in this field could enjoy performing in many ways like showing off one’s body to other people or pleasing the average person.

Either way, the fun thing about this job is that there’s no real telling what someone can do in order to expose one’s body to others. The variety of things that can be done on such a site is amazing considering how different activities can truly be.

Besides, it’s easy for anyone to <a href=”” title=”How to make sex more fun”>have fun with sex</a>. The amazing amount of play that can go on when engaging in sex and the many different actions that go on in the process often make sex something that is truly enticing and fun for all people to get into. It often makes for something that is very fascinating and interesting for all people to enjoy when trying to make a living in some way.

<h2>The Program Always Changes</h2>

The problem with so many jobs out there is that they are far too dull with the same things happening every single day. A person might have to perform two or three tasks at the same time each day or each shift depending on the job. This predictability is thrown out the window in the webcam industry. Performers who show up online can practically do whatever it is they feel that they want to do. It’s a fun part of the performance industry that makes it so easy for people to engage in different activities.

The types of activities that a person can get into when performing include many functions including using <a href=”” title=”over rated sexual acts of all times”>various sex acts</a> or engaging in specific types of movements. Either way, the things that can be done with a webcam can vary but it’s often up to the performer to decide. Sometimes the performer can choose to take requests from the people she is in front of but this is often to her own discretion. The freedom to do so many things is a huge point that makes this industry much more exciting and thrilling than what one might normally get into some other place.

<h2>There’s Always the Public Aspect</h2>

The problem with being on adult cam sites is that it’s often easy for many women to be spotted online. The biggest concern here is that a woman could potentially show up on a website and be exposed to just about anyone who goes online. This is especially problematic considering how hard it is for some people to shield certain members of the population of these adult-themed sites. The challenge that comes to protecting some people from adult sites is prevalent and the fact that someone could be exposed on a site like this will particularly be a problem.

In addition, there are risks that come from people being spotted by others that they know. While it is true that many women go to these sites without their names being released, the fact that their bodies are all the way out there for anyone to see just makes for a real problem that some women are not going to be all that comfortable with. Not every woman is willing to go all the way out there and show herself to the world.

<h2>What about Blackmail?</h2>

Another risk that comes with getting onto such a site involves the blackmail aspect. Sometimes webcam site operators will not pay women unless they engage in certain activities. It is a real burden but it is one that must be understood because it shows just how risky such an activity can be for any woman to get into. Still, not every single site is going to use <a href=”” title=”Blackmail – Plot”>blackmail</a> on women to get them to perform but it is still an important thing that is worth taking a careful look at when finding ways to entertain people. These site operators may be running scams online as well. <a href=”” target=”_blank” title=””>We Reviewed The Best Live Cam Sites Online: Legit & Scam Sites Exposed!</a> From our research, you can find out the top cam sites and avoid these scam websites.

<h2>The Competition Might Be Fierce</h2>

“You must fight off the competition to stay in the game”
“You must fight off the competition to stay in the game”

The immense popularity of adult cam sites particularly makes it so people might end up being very likely to lose ground to others. There are so many of these sites all around the online world that it is way too hard to keep track. The <a href=”” title=”Become a top paid webcam model”>competition is fierce</a> because it involves people trying to show off their bodies in ways that many people will certainly find to be interesting and amazing. It’s often a tough burden but it is one that is worth spotting solely for the fact that a woman might end up being a little more exposed than what she might want to get out of it all.

These pros and cons are realistic considerations that have to be seen when finding ways to be entertaining online. Women who pop up onto these cam sites might be interesting and attractive but it is still important to be aware of what might go on here. It’s a challenge to see when finding a position in this profitable field.

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Get It Online

“Find a girl online”

When it comes to online dating, everybody knows about the big players, the sites you see advertised on TV ten or twenty times a day. (Enough to make you sick of them) These sites always promise things like “compatibility,” a “real connection,” and they all swear to god that they know how to set you down the path to marriage. Frankly, I say screw that. Guys like us aren’t looking for someone to spend the rest of our lives with; we’re looking for someone who can make the rest of the night (or maybe the week, if we’re lucky) a little more fun. But hey, we get it. You’re a busy guy; you’ve got too much going on to spend your weekend hoping to come across one chick who might want to score. Rest assured, brother, we’ve got you covered.

OK, Cupid, back off

“Control your feelings”

When it comes down to it, most of you are looking for women for one reason – to get some. No shame in that, but being honest about it is definitely the key when you’re looking to hook up with someone you can’t see in person. The internet works miracles in this department, giving even you poor guys with dialup access to an endless database of possible scores. The number of sites where you can meet a lot of women has only climbed in the last couple years; turns out that more than half of every relationship in the US today started online. So, meeting women is longer a fantasy. Visit and learn about different legit sites for meeting women.
Paid dating sites focus on the long-term, so some of the best sites for meeting women who would enjoy a night without strings are the free ones. OKCupid, Mingle2, even Craigslist has a classified “man seeking woman” section that works out maybe three times out of five. The main point is that you’ve got to make it clear you’re in it for the quick and dirty and NOTHING ELSE, or else you’re going to make things complicated. You shouldn’t be lying to any girl to get her to bend over for you, and definitely not a chick you meet online. One hookup gone wrong and you could be reported to the site’s administration, have your account suspended – one guy we know actually wound up being reported to the cops and accused of something that basically translated to “This guy was an a**hole who made the girl he was with feel used.”
Seriously, dudes just don’t do it. You’re here for the sex, and there are plenty of women looking for the same thing. Don’t waste the energy trying to win over a perfect 10 who thinks you want dinner and a movie when you could settle for an 8 who just wants a hard ride.

Steps To The Score

Even more important than being honest about what you’re after online is how you present yourself while you’re at it. So you’ve set up a profile on what a buddy of yours said was one of the best sites for meeting women. Great! How do you make sure you’re starting off on the right foot? Well, there’s a simple setup to make sure you only get the chicks you want coming after you. Remember these, and you’re good to go.

Step one: Make sure your profile picture doesn’t suck. Try not to take it yourself; dudes are notoriously bad at the art of the selfie. Make sure it’s current, and isn’t just a headshot; the ladies around the office say that pictures from the waist up get the best response, and that they’re more turned on by pictures of shirtless men, but more likely to hook up with a guy who’s wearing a tight shirt in his profile. Let them fantasize about being able to take it off, leave a little bit up to the imagination.
Step two: Don’t jump the gun. This is the hardest part about meeting women online, because a quick instant message conversation and a couple photos seems to be enough to judge whether you’re into this one or not. Don’t ask if they’re horny, ever. Let them ask you, let them lead the conversation. A girl who has to ask about you is a hell of a lot more likely to want to actually see you than the one you started off talking to by telling her you had a boner just from looking at her picture. Oh, while we’re talking about that, no matter how proud of it you are, do not – I repeat, do NOT – text a picture of your boner to the first chick to connect with you or the second one or any of them. You’re not fifteen and this isn’t show and tell. If they want to see it, they’ll ask – and if they ask to see it, tell them to come and get it.

“Be straight forward with your intentions from the start”

Step three: Make sure you know what you’re getting into, and that the chicks do too. The best sites for meeting women are also some of the worst; if it’s free, anyone can get in, and that means you’re sure to run into your fair share of duck-faces and gold-digging old ladies. Be careful who you hook up with and where you intend to hook up. And don’t forget to set boundaries. If you do one thing you read here, set clear boundaries about how this is going to play out. No strings; if she’s good, ask her if she’s into being a booty call. Use protection – dudes, this is REQUIRED. If you’re not into the dating scene then you’re really going to be turned off by the DADDY scene. Get over it and wrap it up.
Step four: Remember where you met her. If you’re like most of us, you’ve got profiles on half the free dating sites out there, and in the long run there’s nothing worse than getting an email from your latest squeeze and not remember where she came from. Remember, if she uses the site, chances are she’ll recommend it to her friends, and there will be plenty of other girls like her in the same place. Keep a list if you have to, track which site got you the best results, and focus on it. Oh, and at least TRY not to mix up your OKCupid Katie with Mingle2 Katie. There’s not much women dislike more than being mistaken for another woman, strings or no strings.

“Yes, you can get really lucky online”

With all the girls out there living with just as busy a schedule as yours, meeting women online isn’t really hard, but unless you’re really lucky (in which case you probably don’t have any reason to be reading this, don’t you have something more interesting to be doing?), finding the right kind of woman will still take a little trial and error. For ease of use and the size of its user base we recommend OKCupid as your first stop on the digital road to getting it on, but if you do it right you can score anywhere you get a picture and a paragraph without paying a membership fee. Develop a little online expertise and you’ll be keeping on with the busy lifestyle of the man’s man you are without sacrificing a single night of fun after dark.

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Setting Up a Self Directed Learning Course with a Mentoring Option

Through sites like Articulate eLearning tool, you can set up self directed courses to serve as a form of passive income or to help supplement your information product platform or to just share some of the knowledge you’ve acquired in a particular subject. If your goal is to increase your overall income though, having an instructor directed course generally makes students inclined to pay more. But instructor directed courses require significantly more interaction and investment. You have to make sure that you provide the time and investment in the students that they expect or else you run the risk of letting them down.
If you want to increase the potential value on a self-directed course, you do have another option. You can offer a self directed learning course that has a separate mentoring option. Even if not all the online learning platforms like the Articulate eLearning tool include advanced options that allow you to set up a mentoring option, you can work around it. On your primary site, include information about adding the mentoring option with a checkout feature.

The Power of Mentoring

“Understand your responsibilities as a Mentor”
“Understand your responsibilities as a Mentor”

Mentoring provides incredible value to any course. It used to be that the primary learning methods were through apprenticeships. During the Industrial Revolution and subsequent developments in technology, apprenticeships and mentoring programs gradually decreased in use as formalized education took its place. But the benefit of mentoring lies in its specialized instructional method.
In a mentoring relationship, you as the mentor do not do anything until the student completes the assignment. At that point, you can review and offer feedback. The mentoring relationship continues on this way with the mentor increasing the challenges and the rigors that the student must face. It does not always have to be so formal. You have great flexibility whether using the Articulate eLearning tool as a platform or another one. Now, we have compared the product for your convenience, check the Articulate Review: We See if This eLearning Software is Worthwhile! Also, know more about Articulate eLearning tool narrow down your choice. The point of the mentoring relationship though is to create a one on one student teacher dynamic. All of the feedback for that student is customized to the student. Mentoring programs and apprenticeships are intended to be incredibly challenging. Once a student completes one, he should feel significantly more confident in his skills.

Establish a Separate Location for Mentoring Relationship

“Create a separate account to establish your mentoring relationship”
“Create a separate account to establish your mentoring relationship”

The mentoring relationship will require a separate location than your general self-directed course. It’s important that it remain confidential. It may work best to simply exchange emails and make sure that you have a separate email account for all mentoring relationships. In this way, you don’t have to give out too much personal information, but you also have a method for the personalized contact.
All of the contact and communication necessary for the mentoring relationship can be conducted online. While a mentoring relationship is significantly more intense, it does not require more tools than you have.

Provide Key Guidelines for What Mentoring Relationship Involves

“Know what a mentoring relationship needs”
“Know what a mentoring relationship needs”

If you decide to offer a mentoring relationship as an up sale on your Articulate eLearning course or marketing tool, then make sure that you provide the key guidelines for what that relationship will involve there. Otherwise, you can just include that information on your primary website.
The key guidelines for what the mentoring relationship entails includes information such as the frequency of communication, the kind of communication, the work the student is expected to do, the feedback the mentor will provide, and the general goals. It’s also important to set up a time limit on how long the mentoring relationship will last. You don’t want to lock yourself into a long term or permanent mentoring relationship by mistake.

Avoid Taking on More Than a Few Mentees at a Time

If you’ve never mentored a student before, then be cautious about taking on more than one at a time. If you have some experience, then you’ll know that it’s best to avoid taking on too many at a single time. Having more than four will likely tax too much of your available time and resources to allow you to provide the full value of the relationship.
The purpose of the mentoring relationship is to give highly personalized feedback and challenge individual students to grow to their greatest potential. It requires focus and insight from you as the mentor. You can’t do that when you have multiple students demanding your attention.

Provide Highly Tailored and Constructive Feedback

“Let your feedback be a guide to success for your mentee”
“Let your feedback be a guide to success for your mentee”

The information and feedback that you provide for your mentee, needs to be highly tailored to the individual student. In some cases, you may find it beneficial to actually have him turn in a couple assignments without providing anything more than general feedback so that you can asses his overall skills. Explain this in the beginning so that he is not surprised when you do not give him more details.
When it’s time for the feedback, look for the weak points. You may need to prioritize them since many beginning students and even intermediate ones have numerous issues that need to be addressed. Choose the first few big ones that need to be challenged. Then provide constructive feedback for resolving these. Listen to your student’s response. You need to be cautious about overloading him.
In making the feedback constructive, be sure to provide specific action points. Tell him how he can make his work better and what he should do. In the beginning, provide more explicit instructions. As you continue to challenge him and provide additional feedback, you can start to let him work more on his own. Just make it clear that it is a part of the development process. You as the mentor are not there to hold his hand but to make sure that he keeps going on the right path.

Remember to Encourage as Well as to Challenge

When providing the feedback, always make sure that you encourage the student. It can be quite frustrating to realize that much of the completed work needs so much improvement. You don’t want the student to drop out of the mentoring program. Appropriate and insightful encouragement can go a long way toward making him stick with it. Remember that encouragement will also show him what to keep on doing. You run the risk of the student otherwise choosing to revise everything about his current method and keep nothing.
At the same time, don’t be afraid to challenge him. Just because something is good does not mean that it cannot be made better. Look for specific recommendations and show the mentee precisely how he can take it from being good to great.

Share Insights from Your Own Life

“You can always draw interest by sharing examples from your own life”
“You can always draw interest by sharing examples from your own life”

One of the benefits of the Articulate eLearning tool is that you can share the knowledge you have gained in particular subject matters. Most of the time, instructors keep the information that they share fairly academic and impersonal. In a mentoring relationship, it’s appropriate and even expected that you will share some of the wisdom that you have picked up along the way. If you notice things that your mentee is doing that mirror your own actions, then share insights to help him make even better decisions than you did at that point. You’ll still need to keep the mentoring relationship personal, but it’s more appropriate to share personal insights from your life in a mentoring relationship than in a general online classroom.

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Get Babes tonight

You know that guy, that jackass who always has hot chicks hanging all over him. You have no idea what they see in him, he’s not good looking or rich. It would make sense if he had more money or looked better than you do. Don’t sit there being jealous of that guy who is always covered with women and never sleeping alone. You don’t have to be rich or ripped to be swimming in babes; you just need to know what to do when you meet them. We’re regular dudes too and we only sleep alone when we choose to. So sit back and relax and check out our simple guide on how to hook up with girls.

Have Girls Around You

“Get plenty of girls around you”

Look, chicks are competitive. We’re not talking about gentle prodding or urges, either, we’re talking like full on blood in the water sharks. Did you know that they don’t dress up for us when they go out? We’re serious. They’re dressing up so that they can look better than the other chicks there. That’s pretty much the only reason. That is how damned competitive ladies are. Knowing this means you have ammo and that is going to go a long way when you’re looking at how you can hook up with girls.

If they see hot chicks talking to you and enjoying your company then they are going to wonder why you’re not talking to THEM. If you’ve got friends who are babes, now is the time to hang out with them more. If the hot friend is single, better. A little friendly flirting is always fun and it will draw the ladies to you like you wouldn’t believe. That dude that always seems like he’s covered in fine women isn’t dating all of them. Hell, he may not be dating any of him. But hot chicks like to hang out with him and that’s all he needs to draw in other hot chicks that he actually wants to date.

Be Polite

“Girls love a polite man”

It may seem like hot chicks only date douchebags, but you’re not looking for a date, you are figuring out how to hook up with girls. You don’t want to take them home. This means that you need to make sure that they don’t see you kicking up a fuss, causing a scene or doing any of that stupid posturing that some dudes do 24/7. When you go out be nice to people. It’s really as easy as that. You know the way your parents always harped at you about, opening doors and saying please and thank you.

This means to everyone, not just to ladies. When chicks are looking to hook up for the night they want a dude who is going to make them feel good. Any rude boy isn’t going to really fill the bill for most of them. Also, polite people seem more laid back and easy going than people who are demanding. This doesn’t mean that you need to be a wuss, just you know, say ″if you get a minute″ to your bartender and say thank you when you get your drink. If you’re courteous in a bar then she’s going to assume you’re be courteous in bed too. And, like they say, ladies should always come first.

Posture is Important

“Create good impression with your body language”

If you look like a slouchy little weasel chicks are not going to be attracted to you. We know we sound like your mom telling you to be polite and sit up straight but your mom used to be a chick, so she probably knows something. Not only does sitting up straight make you look taller and more trustworthy, it also makes you look less scrawny. If a chick wants a dude to show her a good time in the sack, she’s not going to go be gunning for a skinny dude. Sitting up straight and putting your shoulders back makes your chest look broader. Chicks dig dudes with strong chests and shoulders.

Sitting up straight also helps you scope the scene better. If you slowly scan the bar you’re at while sitting up straight you’ll catch what chicks are looking at you and what ones aren’t interested yet. It also gives you an air of authority and that’s something that attracts babes just as much as some dude with a nice body. Remember, you don’t have to be ripped, just carry yourself like you are and that’ll do most of the work for you.

Dress for Success

“Dress well for success”

It’s no secret that women like money. The hotter a chick is the more likely she is to be interested in what you got in your wallet before she wants to see the other thing in your pants. Yeah, it’s shallow as hell, but let us be honest, you’re also the one who just wants to bang the hottest chick in the room. It’s a give and take if you know what we mean. The laws of supply and demand are simply on her side. That’s why this is probably one of the most important sections in our guide of teaching you guys to hook up with girls; get clothes that fit.

If you’re playing the one night stand game, the good news is that you don’t need to have a stuffy expensive wardrobe. Instead you can just splurge on a few shirts and a pair of nice pants. That will give you the appearance of someone with money. It’s not like she’s coming over to look at your closet anyway. In fact, if you play the game right, she’s not going to see the inside of your place at all.

Confidence is Key

“Be the confidence man”

You don’t have to have money to look like you do. Walk into a room with your head held high and say hello to the bartender even if you haven’t been in the bar before in your life. Chicks dig men with power who are in control of their surroundings. That means that when you are debating how you can hook up with girls you need to be focused on looking like you are the MAN. Be relaxed and take your time casing a room. The key to confidence is to never look rushed or pressed, even when you’re feeling out of sorts. Babes don’t have to know that you’re doing mental celebration when they give you their number. You need to act like it’s no big deal and this shit happens to you on the regular basis.

Do you really want to know the easiest way to get laid? Visit and learn how to get laid online. When you’ve reeled her in the last thing you need to figure out is where to seal the deal. We never suggest that you do it at your place. There’s a lot of reasons for this, number one being it’s a one night stand, not a ″let’s go and have breakfast and then a movie, and oh did you want to go to the mall later″ stand. If she’s not at your place then you can beat a hasty retreat and enjoy the rest of your day. The other issue with one night stands is you don’t know this chick from Eve. She could be cool, but she also could be a scam waiting to happen. The last thing you want is to wake up with your wallet missing or half of your shit gone when you get home from work. These two reasons are why we always say hit up a hotel if you can and her place as the only other option.

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Your Chances of Getting Laid Using the Average Sexy Dating Site

“Using an average dating site to get laid”

There’s a lot of talk surrounding all kinds of dating sites. What it all boils down to is this: How well do those sites really work? eHarmony and parade their happy couples on their ads, but what percentage of their clients never find that perfect match? How many end up depressed and alone, instead of smiling for their wedding photographer? We’re willing to bet it’s a pretty sizable chunk. What you need to do is read the real reviews of a site. Here, read about and find out whether it is Safe or Scam? Check out Our Review of Sex Finder to Be Sure. Remember, just by reading reviews you can tell if it’s legit or scam site. This is what we can guide you.

That’s not what we’re here to talk about, though. Those sites aren’t our concern right now; there are plenty of other bytes devoted to discussions of that kind of dating site. What is our concern is helping you get laid. No, we’re not going to just show up and bring you to a brothel.

We’re going to do this the legal and not creepy way: by talking about how well sexy dating sites work for the average guy. You can find reviews of sexy dating sites pretty easily, but what we’ll do is give it to you straight, no spin. Most of those other sites are influenced by the sexy dating sites they’re finding to review. Not us. To prove it, we’ll start off with the bad once we give you an intro to how sexy dating sites work.

Just the Facts

“Fill the form and you are ready for online dating”

Here’s how a sexy dating site works. It has a form that a user fills out. This form becomes their profile, and it allows other users to contact them. Unlike sites that aren’t focused just on sex and casual dating, there usually aren’t long questionnaires. They may have you input specific traits into certain boxes on the form; that makes it easier for other users to search for you. For instance, you’d enter ‘marathon running’ as a hobby, and women who look for runners or marathoners would find you more easily. You can probably also enter physical characteristics, like race, hair color, and eye color. You might also be able to put up a photo, just so people can be sure you match their specifications well enough.

Any messages you receive are either sent through a dummy email address to obscure your real one, the way Craigslist does things, or are sent to a real inbox on the site, the way OKCupid does things. The latter is more resource-intensive. You can delete any message for any reason; sometimes, you can block a sender. You have no obligation to contact that weird woman who says you look like a panda back, especially not once you see that she has panda face paint in her profile picture. You also search the site and send your own messages. If you and a babe are interested in each other, you make your arrangements on the site and then meet up in meat space for your date, your fill-in job at her cousin’s wedding, or for some time in the sack. After that, there are no further expectations unless one of you brings up the idea. You aren’t bound to go out again with that woman who won’t stop talking about that one grey hair she found that morning if you don’t want to. On the other hand, if you nailed Sally Schoolteacher and she wants more from you, you might want to go out with her again and see if maybe things simmer. She shouldn’t EXPECT it, though. It’s not the nature of those sites. If you want a site where the goal is love and marriage, try or one of its clones.

The Bad: They Can’t Easily Show Numbers

“It’s hard to find the success rate in percentages”

The first thing you need to know about easily-found reviews of sexy dating sites is that they can’t quantify things. The sites might be able to tell you how many people set up a date, but that’s about the extent of their abilities. Since most sites of this stripe are aimed at hookups or casual relationships, there’s no way to see how well it goes. Regular dating sites, the ones that want everyone to be happily paired off, record how many of their couples get married, how many live together, and all that. They have a user base that’s pleased with their product and wants to promote it so others get in happy relationships like them. With sexy dating sites, the goal is just to get you laid or to help you have a causal relationship. They don’t even usually bother asking about compatibility or anything in their post-game questionnaire, if they have one at all. For the ones that do, though, people seem pretty satisfied with how things went. Some of them display user comments that give you a clearer idea about a site.

The Good: They Can Easily Show a Very Satisfied Customer Base

“They lure in customers by showing a satisfied customer base”

They might not have the numbers readily available, but many sexy dating sites receive reviews that you can find in the form of recommendations. If you trawl through Facebook for a few hours, you’re bound to see more than a couple of recommendations for sexy dating sites. They wouldn’t get those recommendations if they didn’t fulfill the service they advertise. If people weren’t getting it on, getting off, or going out after they used the sites, they’d have no one promoting them. They’ve nailed down an absolutely satisfied customer base. You can ask anywhere on the Internet, and you’ll probably have at least one satisfied person tell you about the great time they had, thanks to some specific sexy dating site, and how they keep using it because they have such good times.

The Bottom Line

Know what you’re getting into when you sign up for a sexy dating site. It’s right there in the site’s type: sex and dating. It’s not a coupling-up site. It’s there for lonely nights or when you need to find a quick date to a funeral so your sister stops trying to hook you up with her best friend. Within those parameters, there are hundreds of thousands of fans of the sites in general and thousands of fans of specific sites. It’s when you move outside those parameters that you have a problem. Don’t go looking for love. Don’t go looking for a long-term relationship. Don’t go looking for someone you can move in with. You probably won’t find it. That kind of thing is what makes people complain about the sites. They don’t understand them, so they misuse them and then think the site failed them. It wasn’t the site, in most cases. It was the user.

We’re not saying sexy dating sites are for everyone; their reviews, which are easy to find, show that they aren’t. They’re for a specific subset of people: people who are too busy for relationships; people who are too much of loners to have them for more than a month at a time; people who want to get laid and never see the other person again; people who are only in town for a few weeks; people who need a date to an event and then will treat their date to something (and no, we don’t necessarily mean sex). For those people, sexy dating sites work very well, according to the reviews we’ve found. Just don’t rely on them to lead to your golden anniversary.

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How To Choose The Right Smartphone For You

Smartphones are very popular today. In fact, smartphones are sold in countless brands. They are popular because for its size it has a lot of features. You can use it as a phone, you can browse the internet and you can play games through different applications that can be downloaded. There are many people who have a hard time choosing the right smartphone. To help people choose the right one, here are some key features of some popular smartphones available in the market today.

Windows Phone

This was Microsoft’s attempt to join the smartphone market. It features an operating system that was designed solely for smartphones. Advocates of Microsoft products say that this was not a bad choice because it has a smooth look-and-feel, a proprietary software and unique look. Experts however say that Microsoft took so long to join the smartphone race. They say that even if the Windows phone was great, the market for smartphones have been divided by Android and iPhone users. Nevertheless, when the Windows phone was released the reception was positive.

right smartphone for you
right smartphone for you

right smartphone for you

Android Phone

The Android phone shares the bulk of the smartphone market together with the iPhone. The latest Android phones are updated with the latest Android operating systems. Android phones are popular because they don’t have proprietary operating systems. Almost everything is free in Android phones including the smartphone apps. This is what makes Android phones popular. If you love games, this would be the right smartphone to buy because you can download the apps for free. There are many apps to choose from and on top of that you get to enjoy the cool features of Android phones.


Apple has become popular in coming up with innovative products particularly in desktop and portable music players. When they invested in the smartphone market, they never looked back again. The release of their iPhones is always watched by their loyal users. Just like Windows phone, iPhone uses proprietary operating system. All their applications are downloaded through iStore. Some people say that this is their downside and the strength of Android phones. Nevertheless, this did not deter their share in the smartphone market. They have the highest number of users in the smartphone market. One advantage of using iPhones is that it is compatible with other Apple products through the iCloud. If you have been using Apple products for a long time, you can never go wrong with iPhone.

New iPhone 5 likely to be
New iPhone 5 likely to be

New iPhone 5 likely to be

These are the biggest brands in the smartphone market. When you choose smartphones under these brands, you will surely not regret it. If you like proprietary software and know its advantages, you can choose the Windows phone and iPhone. These smartphones use proprietary software and applications are downloaded under their proprietary store. If you want to download free applications and want access to countless games and applications, you can choose the Android phone. Unlike the Windows phone and iPhone, you can download the application that you want without paying for anything. The best choice would have to be the smartphone that fits your personal preference.

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Sexting Etiquette: What And What Not To Do

There are some things people in the modern world can’t live without and one is the cell phone. Almost everyone knows how to send a text message. And a good number of these people have already tried sexting. Sexting is fun. Sending a dirty text to your significant other can end up in a wild night in the bedroom. Despite all the good things about sexting, you have to remember that it’s socially risky. You have to do it properly. It should also be done with the right individual. So before you start sexting, make sure you know what’s ok and what’s not.

What you can do?

Begin slowly

Don’t get too excited. It has to start slowly. Take the time to tease the other person. You can even do this for hours. Don’t mind the time. You’ll surely enjoy it as much as others do.

Sext with a person you trust

Send dirty texts to a person that you trust. In case the relationship goes sour, you’re sure that your messages and perhaps your photos won’t be sent to common friends. This can embarrass you big time and you’ll regret not listening to us.

Never forget to delete

Maybe you’re tempted to keep those messages and check them out at a later time. If you do, someone else might just read the entire conversation. It won’t be sexy anymore. You’ll be ashamed of your actions and hoped that you deleted all of them immediately.

Now I worry about sexting as
Now I worry about sexting as


What you shouldn’t do?

Don’t use your company phone

We don’t have to explain this. Use your personal phone when sexting most especially when the recipient of your dirty messages is a co-worker.

Don’t send photos that show your face

At some point, you’ll start to send dirty photos to the other person. When you do, make sure that it doesn’t show your face. Even defining features of the body should be concealed. You may end up in trouble if you don’t take our advice.

Don’t sext with someone who is not your partner

Politicians and celebrities have learned their lesson. It doesn’t mean you won’t learn yours just because you’re not famous. No one can get away with it. So be smart. Don’t send dirty messages to someone who’s not your partner.

Not sexy to schedule sex?
Not sexy to schedule sex?


Sexting can benefit you and your partner in a lot of ways. It keeps the flame burning and adds fireworks to the relationship. It can be considered as virtual foreplay that will prepare the two of you for the real thing. It can easily turn on any person. Then again, like all the good things in this life, it also comes with risks. So be responsible. Know your sexting etiquette and end up happy, not embarrassed.

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3 Ways to Lose Your Beer Belly

If you’ve been drinking regularly for the past few years, you most probably already have a beer belly. It’s easy to have a beer belly, but very difficult to get rid of it. Lucky if it’s still not hanging over your waist. If it does, then you have to make a move right now. So how can you finally lose that beer belly? Here are three things to keep in mind.



Cut down on alcohol consumption

Calorie content is very high in alcohol and even higher in beer. These calories are converted by the body, which is why you have a beer belly. Your chest and torso can also have excess fat due to alcohol intake.

If you can’t give up alcohol, then you should at least shift to light beers. It has lesser calories than regular beer. This means that it’ll give you less fat. Also, try to change your schedule of drinking beer. Make it a point to drink on weekends only. You can also alternate it with juice or diet soda. This doesn’t just decrease the bulge, but also keeps you sober.

Doctors could help patients cut down on alcohol use
Doctors could help patients cut down on alcohol use


Exercise regularly

Exercise is a great way to get rid of a beer belly. You can do a couple of sit-ups per day. Sit-ups strengthen your stomach muscles. However, they won’t eliminate fat that’s hiding your muscles.

It’s best to engage in aerobic programs and do some cardio exercises. It makes the heart beat faster and allows you to sweat. You can run, swim, dance, or play sports. Do it 30 minutes per day, 2 to 3 times a week. You’ll see results after 10 weeks.

Have a healthy diet

Limit your intake of processed foods. Choose foods that are high in fiber. Instead of choosing foods that are made with enriched flours, go for whole grain foods. Don’t stick to hydrogenated foods too much such as butter. Replace them with vegetable oils and other natural options. Eat breakfast every day. You can also replace 3 big meals with 6 smaller ones. Eating breakfast keeps your metabolism going. Smaller meals ensure that your metabolism runs smoothly all throughout the day. Also, drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.

How can I Lose a Beer Belly?
How can I Lose a Beer Belly?


Reducing your intake of alcohol, exercising regularly, and eating healthily may seem like you need a major lifestyle change. It doesn’t have to be that way. Start with small changes. Once you’re used to them, you can move a step forward. Like any of your goals in life, you have to work hard to lose your beer belly. It won’t happen overnight. It largely depends on how motivated you are. So be prepared to do what it takes to lose your beer belly. You’ll surely be happy with the results. Without a beer belly, you won’t just look good, but you’ll also have a healthier body.


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Credit Cards: Find the Right One for Your Business

Credit cards are indispensable for every business. Through these business credit cards you get to separate your personal expenses from the operating costs. Nevertheless, you should be wary when choosing the right type of small business credit card that would suit best your needs. Failure to do so might wind you up paying more than what you expected. Thus, before you pick a small business credit card you may explore your options first.

Cheap Versus Expensive

A number of people would often prefer a cheaper credit card over the expensive one. However, cheaper doesn’t always mean a good option because it’s most likely that these credit cards are priced cheap because of the very minimal perks these carry. Expensive credit cards, on the other hand, are usually those which bear so many benefits like affording you a private lounge at the airport. But, if you are the kind of person who doesn’t like this perquisite, then you’re good with the cheaper credit card.

Annual Fees

Another aspect that you need to closely examine when choosing the right small business card is the annual fee. While it’s true that companies would charge you as low as $30 annually this amount could also inflate up to as much as $500 or more so you better be ware of the ploy of some credit card companies.

The Right Credit Card Finding
The Right Credit Card Finding


Interest Rates

Furthermore, it is also of equal importance to consider the interest rates of various credit cards because these would help determine the total payments that you have to make. In most cases, people may not root for credit cards with high interest rates. You need to understand though that small business credit cards having high interest rates are priced this way because of the massive benefits they carry.

Freebies Galore

There are also some business credit cards which offer you amazing rewards, especially when you go shopping. The good thing is that you also have the option to upgrade your rewards.

Credit Limit

Though you prefer credit cards with higher credit limits, the credit limit you’ll be allowed to have still has to be based on your business’ credit score. Ideally, you look for a credit card whose credit limits perfectly fit your needs.

Hard to find the right card
Hard to find the right card


Are you among those folks who use personal credit cards to start up a business? Veer away from this faulty practice because this would also mar your credit reputation. Now is the best time for you to make decisions as to what type of credit card you’re going to choose for your business. Being able to wisely choose a credit card would help your income grow. Overall, choose a business credit card that would help you clear up your credit reputation and improve it, instead.

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Steps to Follow When Asking for a Raise

At some point in your career, you will feel that you deserve a raise. Then again, this doesn’t mean that you’ll get one. Sometimes you have to do something about it. Before you even talk to your boss about a raise, make sure that you’ve already prepared for it. Here are the steps you should follow when asking for a salary increase:

  1. Check out the current rate for your position

Do research and find out how much people who have similar jobs to you are making. You can check several sites including Remember that salaries vary from one location to the other. It also depends on the size of the company. Make sure that your request is reasonable. Asking for too much will lessen your chances of getting a raise.

  1. Show your accomplishments

It’s the most important part of the process. You don’t have to brag, but it’s also not a time to be shy. Facts and numbers can really help you especially when they are put into writing. Explain what was expected from you and what you were able to accomplish.

  1. Be clear with your request

After showcasing your accomplishments, you have to state your request clearly. You have to say the amount you want and explain why it’s reasonable. Don’t let decision makers guess. There’s a big chance that you’ll be disappointed if you just let them assume.

  1. Request a raise at the right time

It’s not a good idea to ask for a raise when the company is cutting costs or letting go of some employees. Let the dust settle before approaching your superior. If others are being laid off, you’ll have a hard time getting a raise.

How To Ask For a Raise
How To Ask For a Raise


  1. Schedule an appointment with your boss

Set up a meeting with your boss and let your boss know in advance the topic of your discussion. Make sure to set the appointment when your boss is focused. You need all of his or her attention. Don’t go with Monday mornings. Avoid Friday afternoons too.

Asking your boss for a raise
Asking your boss for a raise


  1. Don’t be emotional

Don’t cry, pound the desk, or look resentful if the conversation doesn’t go your way. Be professional at all times. Being emotional will hurt your case.

Asking for a raise isn’t as simple as approaching your boss and demanding for a salary increase. You have to prove that you’re worthy to have one. Also, don’t forget the importance of perfect timing. By following the steps above, you’ll get a raise when you ask for it. And in case you don’t, remain professional and don’t threaten to quit. It’s immature and shows that you’re not committed to the organization. Be fair when asking for a raise. You’ll get one if you have done a great job and if you manage to show how important you are to the company.

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